Products needed for sweet shops

Item name: Pure butter ghee

Weight: 400gm + 800gm + 1600gm 15kg + 20kg+ 21kg

Available in stock

For all kind of sweets and baklava and bakery

Item name: Ireks Whipping cream

Weight: 1 Litre 

Available in stock

Item name: Ozmen Zivago flour for baklava

Weigh: 25kg

Available in stock

A premium mixture of flours for Baklava

Item name: Ozmen Ozel Baklava flour

Weight: 25kg 

Available in stock

Description: The most famous baklava flour that gives the traditional taste of baklava

Item name: Ozmen Altindane Halka Tatlilik

Weight: 25kg + 50kg

Description: Special flour for halka tatlilik baklava

Item name:Sizinyag Pastaciniz Butter

Weight: 10kg

Description: Can be used in yeast doughs, sweet and salty cakes, biscuits and tarts

Item name: Sizinyag Krema Butter 

Weight: 10kg

Description: It is designed to be used in all types of sweet and salty cookies that melt in your mouth, flour cookies, pastry making and pastry creams

Item name: Sizinyag Esta butter

Weight: 10kg

Description: It is used for hot puff pastry, croissant, dry pastry and boyoz varieties used in industrial large-scale puff pastry production facilities

Item name: Sizinyag Borek butter

Weight: 10kg

Description:It gives delicious flavors to puff pastry, croissant, kol pastry, sawdust pastry and sprinkled pastry

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