Products needed for ice cream shops

Item name: Pregel Base Panna 50

Code: 85208

Packaging: 1.5kg * 8

Description: A cold and hot process base for obtaining a compact gelato structure with a delicate vanilla flavor 

Item name: Pregel Arabeschi Biscotto

Code: 25602

Packaging: 3kg * 2 

Description: A Paste reminscent of homemade shortbread cookies that gives gelato a rich and delicious flavor

Item name: Pregel Cheescake

Code: 04904

Packaging: 1.5kg * 4 

Description: A cold process, fat-free product for obtaining gelato with the authentic flavor of the famous American dessert. This Flavoring Powder is also great for adding a natural flavor to pastry creations

Item name: Pregel Neutro

Code: 02004

Packaging: 2kg * 4 

Description: A stabilizer for cream – and fruit- flavored gelato for both hot and cold process that is perfect for gelato chefs who want to have more flexibility in the production. To improve the gelato structure we recommend using it in combination with Fibraplus, Proteingel and Più Cremoso

Item name: Pregel Limone 50

Code: 04044

Packaging: 2kg * 4 

Description: A base for fruit gelato that only requires the addition of water and sugar to create a fresh lemon sorbet

Item name: Pregel Vitoria super 100

Code: 75428

Packaging: 1.5kg * 8 

Description: Hot process base with a full milk and cream flavor, ideal for preparing a creamy gelato that reamins dry on the surface

Item name: Pregel Mascarpone 30

Code: 04544

Packaging: 2kg * 4 

Description: A concentrated powder product that can be added to a milk base to obtain a gelato with the aroma of fresh mascarpone. This product is perfect for many pastry applications

Item name: Pregel Base fiocc

Code: 15008

Packaging: 1.5kg * 8 

Description: A hot process base that is used to obtain a creamy texture of gelato, holds well in the display case

Item name: Pregel Fiordica gel evolution

Code: 61124

Packaging: 1.5kg * 4 

Description: Fiordica Gel Evolution is a complete powder product with exceptional jelling, thickening and stabilizing properties; perfect to create many specialties such as mousses, Bavarian creams, pannacottas, and many other delicacies such as aspics and gelées… It is ideal to be used for all cold desserts that are consumed at positive temperatures, but that can also be stored at negative temperatures

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